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The Seminole Springs Antique Rose & Herb Farm is a family run business that produces herb plants, Old Garden Roses, butterfly attracting plants and an assortment of perennial flowers.  Most of these plants are grown “in house” meaning that we start the plants from seeds or cuttings.  Most of our cuttings come from our own stock.  We take an organic approach to our growing methods.  We do not spray synthetic pesticides or fungicides on our plants.  We employ beneficial insects such as ladybugs, praying mantids, and beneficial mites as well as organic sprays like baking soda, vegetable oils, neem oil and safer soaps to keep our insect and disease levels at a minimum. This method is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  We have been employing this method long before it became commonplace in the industry. 

We take pride in educating our customers by sharing our experience and knowledge.  The herbs, Old Garden Roses and perennials that we grow are also incorporated into our landscape.  We encourage employees to take new selections home to trial in their own gardens so that they may share with others. For us it is not just a cliché, experience is the best teacher.  Visitors find it helpful to see just how big a Louis Philippe rose may grow to be or just how much shade it can tolerate and still perform well.  When assisting someone with their first butterfly garden, for us, it makes their trip to the farm special if we can find a caterpillar to send home on one of their host plants.

The “Herbin’ House”, our small gift shed houses dried flowers and herbs, herbal soaps and essential oils from Harvest Soaps, Mrs. Mango’s Hibiscus Flower Tea, and other herb crafts. Our custom made herb and flower wreaths are popular in the spring and fall.  During the holiday season we are overflowing with custom herb gardens, living wreaths and unique garden gift ideas.

Our open-air pavilion is a great area for garden club members or other social groups to gather for a program followed by a tour of the nursery and gardens.  We host two festivals annually and the pavilion is center stage for the free lectures that are offered throughout the day during these venues. Workshops such as herb vinegar, soap making and hypertuffa containers are also conducted in the pavilion.  Shaded by live oaks and overlooking rolling pastureland it is a nice respite for one or many. 

Young gardeners delight in the aromas of the herbs, especially chocolate mint.  Often times their attention is captured by one of our farm animals.  Our goats, Rosemary and Philippe as well as our horses always seem to enjoy the attention of visitors’ young and old alike. Our own children simply love to watch the caterpillars and butterflies and they especially look forward to the return of the hummingbirds each spring.

The Seminole Springs Antique Rose & Herb Farm may only be a short drive from the city but it is a long way from the hustle and bustle.  Come and visit us, let the fragrances of the roses and herbs stir your memory. Everyone has a story about a special aunt that has the best rose geranium jelly or summers spent canning dill pickles with their grandmother; and we’d love to hear it.  


Seminole Springs Antique Rose & Herb Farm
34935 W. Huff Rd. Eustis, FL 32736
(352) 357-2643